If you're going to prepare your self for big day (wedding) no matter you will be thinking about your hair style for the wedding. For this you should go to a professional hair stylist at their service, for consultation before the Wedding and to style their hair on the day of the Ceremony. Here are a few classic and popular Wedding hairstyles to help you to select the best one for your wedding.

First and foremost, never underestimate the power of the ponytail. Whether a Bride opts for a modern high-volume hair twist on the top of her head or a classic, sleek, pulled-back style, a ponytail can both sweep her hair out of her face and show off the length of her locks. Twisting hair around the band and adding some gentle curls can dress up this classic hairdo for a polished Bridal style.

For the Bride who wants her hair in an all-out updo, the bun is a versatile choice. One romantic and elegant possibility is a side bun, with or without decorative flowers or other hair accessories. Another possibility is the timeless, flawless chignon. With a hair form or a precise knot, a chignon bun at the nape of the neck can work with curly or straight hair and with any or no veil.

Hair twists can put an interesting and dynamic spin on a Bridal hairstyle. Pins, clips or combs can hold all of Bride's hair in an elegantly twisted up-do. Some Brides prefer to have their hair twisting back on either side of the head, leading into a bun or ponytail. In other Wedding hairstyles, the front section of the hair is left out of the main structure of the up-do, then twisted back and integrated afterward.

Many fashionable Brides have been utilizing the latest style, the "undone up-do," in their Wedding hairstyles. This soft, playful look keeps the hair in control in an up-do, but allows a few gentle curls to "escape" here and there, framing the Bride's face. This hairstyle option is as precise and polished as a regular up-do, but gives the Bride a more gentle, down-to-earth look.

Bridal headbands tend to have more structure than head wraps. A good image to exemplify this elegant look is Disney's Cinderella. However, most current Bridal headbands are a bit more delicate, with one, two or even three slender rows of sparkling rhinestones. Some headbands even come in floral or geometric designs, so any Bride can find a headband to suit her tastes.

Bridal head wraps are generally less stiff than head bands. They start with a ribbon base, often in a solid white satin or a shimmering translucent fabric. Many Bridal head wraps then have patterns or designs in rhinestones, small gems or even pearls. At Lord Thompson Manor for many Brides, head wraps are the perfect meeting of Wedding elegance and relaxed style.