Every one think that fashion and trend of fashion starts from dress, shoes and jewelery. But dress, jewelery and shoes are not enough to participate in the age of modern fashion. Every big or small thing  is very necessary which can take part to complete your fashion.

Makeup artist and makeup costumes is also very important part of fashion for the new generation. If a girl wear a elegant and perfect dress with elegant shoes and with beauty full jewelery then remember that she is all of incomplete and she can't show her native and present beauty and fail to adopt the modern fashion. Because the makeup is the main part of fashion which gives you a perfect look and make elegant.With out a best makeup artist you are almost incomplete. Every girl completely know the importance of makeup artist and no one can't ignore it's importance. Girls can also take makeup by their own hands but on the special functions like wedding ceremony. But on wedding day girls becomes nervous so that she can't do that. So choose your desired makeup artist to participate in the modern age of fashion.