As we know that saree is a cultural and traditional dress for Indian women. And now the new generation also wears the sarees but the fashion designers are providing the most stylish and fabulous sarees according to the desire, choice and modern fashion trend. Today we are presenting the latest and exclusive designs of party wear sarees for young Indian girls by Lalit Khatri from 2015. Jacqueline Fernandez is a very famous and outstanding Indian Actress. Now Jacqueline Fernandez is in party wear sarees that have been designed by Lalit Khatri. Lalit Khatri is a fashion brand from where we can find out the latest and fashionable dresses for both men and women. Basically, Lalit Khatri belongs to India and this fashion brand always provides us the seasonal and occasional dresses according to the modern fashion trend. Recently Lalit Khatri has launched the party wear sarees with Jacqueline Fernandez for young Indian girls and women from 2015. From this collection, you can see the top best and most desirable designs for occasional and other parties. Glamorous and designer wear sarees in georgette and chiffon fabrics. These sarees are entirely suitable to attend modern parties. Embroidered and printed sarees with net sleeves that are looking very amazing. The color combination is a most important part of the beauty of these party wear sarees. Every design has its own reality with modern designing. Now the beauty is in your hand, choose your desired design and to keep step in the modern fashion trend. Have a look below to see the full collection by Lalit Khatri.
Jacqueline Fernandez In Party Wear Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez In Georgette Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez In Chiffon Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez In Glamorous Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez In Sangeet Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez In Exclusive Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez In Off White Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez In Festive Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez In Designer Saree

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