This is perfect for a French twist, bun, or other up-do, and it’s a great way to dress up short hair. By making bridesmaids outfit to sparkle, rhinestone, crystal, and silk that will do the trick.

Super Model Pony Tail: The runways are full of this style because it's so pretty and

easy to do. Here's how:
1. Apply EXXTRA GEL super hold styling sculptor from its roots to the ends and comb it through to make sure it is even distributed while its hair is still damp

2. Place a nozzle on your hair dryer and using your fingers to smooth your hair completely back from your face. Then pull it back tightly at the scalp into a ponytail about halfway up the back of your head. Lock it with a coated elastic band which matches your hair color.

3. Now, pull a small section of your hair out and wrap it all around the elastic so your ponytail looks as if it’s being held by your own hair and not the elastic. Pin it all into place or tuck it back into the elastic.

4. Use some DESIGNING TEXXTUR if your hair is curly, work high fashion crème into the tail and twirl the small sections of your hair around your fingers to help bring its volume down and give you a prettier, smoother curl.

5. Set your ponytail with one medium self-grip roller and blow dry on a medium setting if your hair is straight. Wait till your hair is completely dry and cool before removing it.

6. Spritz your scalp lightly with MAXXIMUM with super holding styling to keep it looking shiny from your walking down the aisle to the very last dance.

7. A light misting of COMB THRU natural hold design and finishing mist, on the ends will guarantee that the ponytails appears soft and free however still can go the distance.

8. Lastly, add shine and extra frizz control with a little of MAXXISHINE SPRAY