When paying the bridesmaid hairstyles, there are no hard and fast rules to do so. If the Bride chooses the bridesmaid to wear their hair in a specific way to her liking or us her favorite salon, then it should be the Bride who pays. But if everyone is willing in using the same salon, with no hard feelings then why not divide the bill fairly.

But the bridesmaids are free to do their very own hair and if they rather go to their own hairdresser, then the Bridesmaid should pay for their own.
Deciding hair accessories for the Bridesmaids

Try choosing hair accessories based on the color of the bridesmaid dresses and their jewelry pieces. Rhinestones and pearls are perfect since they’re both neutral in color and compliments all the colors in the rainbow. Alternately, the bridesmaid hair accessories can be gem stone either real or synthetic or just simple gold or silver. But then, some brides prefer to wear a small tiara imitating the one being worn by the Bride. Tiaras look perfect on all lengths of hair, long or short even green hair.


Use some small stars of sparkle for your hair. You can use little pearls and crystal fairies around your hair. They work great either for long or short hair.