Gorgeous Amy Adams gives her a perfect look by styling her hair in several ways. Her elegant look gets more graceful with hairstyles she makes. If you also want to follow Amy’s hairstyle then you can make it easy for yourself by choosing perfect hairstyle with your outfits.

Actress Amy Adams with Ponytail Hairstyle
Wavy bouncy look- Amy can look much younger and adorable in her short wavy hair. You can get that style of hers by coloring your hair golden-brown and parting them completely from one side. You can roll the lower part to give them a bouncy look. This hair style looks amazing on short length gowns.

• Straight and long – long and straight hair looks seductive yet elegant. Give your self a graceful look like Amy by making your straight by parting them form one side. Keep them blonde or you can even give them light brown shade. This type of hairstyle is perfect for weddings or special occasion it goes pretty well with formal dresses.

Amy Adam Long curly hairstyle
Wavy soft style Parting your hair from the middle and making some big curls matches well with your casual outfits. Amy’s blonde and medium hair length suits with her trendy casual outfits.

Actress Amy Adams Short Curly Hairstyle
Gorgeous messy bun- Messy are celebrities favorite, especially on the awards ceremony. Amy also looks quite charming in her long stunning gown with a messy bun and beautiful simple necklace. This type of bun is easy to make. Messy bun is made just by rolling your hair up till they reach your scalp and pin them up in a clutter way so that some of your hair should fall outside the bun.

So, now on formal or informal occasion what you need to do is just put little creativity on your hairstyle and make sure that it matches your outfit. You will look lovely and fresh every time you meet people.