The Asian hairstyle is dominated by the physical hair traits that are usually inherited by people born in Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. This ethnic group generally has very black and very straight hair. However, in each of the countries listed, there are varying attitudes toward hairstyles. China has only recently become liberated enough to allow colored hair to become popular, whereas Japan and Korea both often exceed the United States in the extremities to which hairstyles can be worn in either casual and business settings.

The Asian hairstyle, then, usually refers to what is being designed by Japanese and Korean stylists to manipulate the hair of their people. In China, adding curls or waves to the hair can still be quite a radical move in some areas of the country.

In Japan and Korea, metallic extensions, electric lights, and other playful extremes can be enjoyed in almost any setting one can find. The basic tension of the Asian hairstyle is the pull of the exotic away the universality of the inherited black straight hair.
When a Japanese girl resolves to gets her hair colored, it is not unusual to see her go for a neon glow or a multicolored extravaganza in her bid to escape the ordinary straight black look all around her. A muted approach can be found on women who have had a chance to try several different looks, and here you will find tints, waves, and delicate touches that are styled to her face’s bone structure, rather than what looks different.