Hair extensions can be used to add volume and texture to people's hair. They can be used for people whose hair is thinning and they want to create the appearance of having more hair than they really do. Other people may want to create the illusion of having longer hair without actually growing their hair out. Perhaps they are getting married and want to have long hair for the wedding but don't have time to grow their hair out. They can get extensions and have instantly long hair again.

Other people will get hair extension to have different colored hair. They may get highlights or lowlights or unusually colored extensions such as blue or pink. These people will get hair extensions because the colors are not permanent. If they need to get rid of the colors, they can have the hair extensions removed. If they take proper care of the extensions, they can last a long time. If they don't, they can get matted and tangled, and they may have to be cut out of the person's hair. Also, if the extensions are done improperly, they can either fall out of the hair or they can actually pull the hair out in chunks. This can be both embarrassing and a waste of money. This is why you must schedule a consultation first with your salon before having your extensions placed in your hair if you are considering having it done. You must also insist they give you the full price of the extensions, upkeep, and removal before having them placed in your hair because the price does go up as you progress.

There are several types of hair extension people use. Depending on your hair type and the look you want to achieve, you should research the type of hair extensions you would like to have placed in your hair. Some people will choose to use human hair while other will choose to use synthetic types of extensions. There are also different techniques for applying hair extensions.